Consulting and Business development

company profile

Simita Trading Ltd is as a business development company and consulting provider that leverage experience of our business team to develop pragmatic concepts, which take country-specific characteristics into account. With our entrepreneurial mind-set,we align your business with the market requirements and customer needs.With our footprint,extensive network of partners and advisors, Simita Trading Ltd is available to assist You managing and growing Your business.

Industry expertise plus market knowledge

We combine industry expertise and market knowledge with practical local advice to enable you to reach your full market potential as quickly as possible.


Hands-on practical approach

Our clients value our hands-on practical approach. The uniqueness of Simita Trading lies in the ability to provide long term, end-to-end support whether you are just considering Norway or Cyprus as your target market or are in the phase of starting your operations. And if you are already established in the country, but are struggling with growing your business, we can help.

Strong partner network

  • We have a vast network of partners enabling us to offer services in all industry sectors. Through the professional network we are able to provide multi-country assignments with one single contact point.

Our services

Business Development
Financial Consulting
Market Verification
Partner - Investors Networks
Market Research
Feasibility Studies
Market Entry Strategies
Local office set-up
Representation Services
Brand Development